The 6th World Congress for Spriritual Healing 2003 (from 28/11 to 1/12/03)

Advance Programme
6th World Congress for Spiritual Healing
presented by the 21st Basle Psi-Days
28 November - 1 December, 2003 at the Basle Convention Centre

The 6th World Congress for Spriritual Healing 2003

... offers you:
- the Main Programme comprising some 80 lectures, seminars, workshops, discussions and meditations
- „Intensive Psi“: A series of half-day and full-day seminars and workshops with the Congress’ leading speakers.
- the „Forum“, the congress within the congress, a programme designed to offer around 100 additional choices: short lectures, panel discussions, demonstrations, discussion groups as well as an exhibition of esoteric art.
- trade exhibition „Aura“, amongst the largest exhibitions of its kind in German speaking countries, with more than 100 exhibitors and its own programme
- „Special Psi“ , a special public event on Saturday evening, 29th November – one of the highlights of the Congress

Activities and Events Prior to Congress

- Study of successful instances of distant healing of „incurable“ patients - we are looking for patients who have been healed successfully and testify to it.
- Testing Psi-Diagnosing: Can healers diagnose illnesses by extra sensory perception?
- Join the „Healing Night“: Date: November 8th, Venue: The old part of the city of Basle

BASLE PSI - DAYS – Tradition and Objectives

The Basle Psi-Days have a worldwide reputation as the most important public congress on „border areas“ of science. Held annually since 1983, they aim to introduce to a broader public - not with esoteric euphoria nor materialist scepticism but with an open-minded approach - the latest information, methods and theories from research fields that established science rejects as „superstition“. Renowned experts in research and practice will have the opportunity to discuss their work with responsive groups of scientists, people active in the field of the esoteric and interested laymen. Every year the „Psi-Days“ focus on one major subject. Such focal points have included: The Other World, Reincarnation, Visions, Life After Death, Altered States of Consciousness, Spiritism / Spiritualism and others.

BASLE PSI - DAYS – The Response

More than 5000 visitors each year attend the „Psi-days“ and the parallel trade exhibition. This number includes up to 200 journalists from all aspects of the media. Each year’s questionnaires show that over 95 percent of the visitors praise the excellent organisation, the extraordinarily rich variety of topics, the interesting and diversified presentation (even of the most complex subjects), the highly qualified lecturers, the level of the information presented, the unforgetably stimulating and warm atmosphere plus the congenial mix of unprejudiced openmindedness and critical attitude.

The times when Spiritual Healing was the privileged gift for the chosen few have long since passed. More and more people feel a call to do healing. They undergo training and start to attend patients looking for help. Some do this only occasionally amongst their families and friends, some as a part-time or second occupation and some make it their full-time job.
This development is one of the most noticeable in the area of Complimentary Healthcare. Therefore it is this aspect which will form the basis of the 6th World Congress on Spiritual Healing and which will be looked at with the usual openminded discrimination. Three focal points have been selected:

Becoming a healer. How can one tell whether or not one has the necessary potential to become a Spiritual Healer? How does one develop this potential? The Basle „World Convention“ will demonstrate a wide variety of training methods which are open to the budding healer and offer help in making a suitable choice. Experienced trainers will explain their ways of conveying the art of healing.
Renowned healers will talk about their personal development. The issue of self-healing will be considered and whether and how this skill can be developed.

Testing healers. How can we determine the expertise of a healer? Is it possible to confirm the alleged faculties other than by the subjective impressions of those involved? A reliable method of testing healers not only offers protection for the patients, but it is in the interest of the healers themselves to get a well founded feedback by an independent institution which is acknowledged by physicians and other public agencies. Besides the testing procedures used by associations and institutes the Basle Convention will also present the latest scientific methods of measurement - partly in spectacular live tests.

Incorporating healers. What has of late become more apparent is the development of a fourth healing profession which does not necessarily have to compete with physicians, naturopaths and psychotherapists. Working together benefits the patient more than working separately - or even in opposition just to maintain professional standing. Practising physicians and heads of clinics will report in Basle about exemplary and encouraging models of cooperation. Participating in these reports will be healers who have become well respected partners in the healing process. For so-called „hopeless“ cases a more spiritual approach could offer new possibilities for treatment as will be shown at the Basle Convention by a number of medically-confirmed positive results and by the latest scientific studies.

Speakers at the Basle Psi-Days
The following have so far (March 2003) agreed to participate:

Prof. Dr. Anton Antonov (BUL), Professor of Physics at the University of Blagoevgrad, has developed a method for testing healers
Abdullah Mahmood Al-Chalaby (Irak),
president of the Iraqui association of healers (the first to obtain a government licence for healing)
PD Jakob Bösch, M.D. (CH), Physician, Psychiatrist, Director of two research projects on spiritual healing within psychiatry and unwanted childlessness respectively
Geoffrey Boltwood (GB), healer, repeatedly subjected to scientfic tests, e.g. on the influence of spiritual healing on the germination and growth of plant seeds
Geoffrey Brooks (GB), Psychotherapist, Reiki-master, Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist
Dr. Enza Maria Ciccolo (I), Biologist, studied the phenomenon of „luminous waters“ and their healing power
Dr. Nicola Cutolo (I), Healer, Psychologist, President of the „Italian Society for Psychical Research“
Christopher Denton, OSNU (GB), Medium, Healer and Trance-Healer, Deputy-Chairman and Secretary of the Healing Committee of the „Spiritualist National Union“
Christos Drossinakis (GR), Healer, has successfully participated in over 40 medical-scientific studies
Nina Dul (PL), Healer, has been famous in Poland for decades; ZDF and Arte made her known in the German speaking countries
Prof. Dr. Alex N. Eberle (CH), Medical Doctor, Head of the Research Department of the Basle Cantonal Hospital (Kantonsspital Basel)
Pjotr Elkunoviz (RUS/D), Healer, extraordinarily successful with orthopedic problems, energy and spinal massage
Dr. med. Robert Ennemoser (A), Physician, Healer
Dorothea Fuckert, M.D. (D), Physician, Bodypsychotherapist and Healer, President of the „Wilhelm Reich Institute for Interdisciplinary Therapy and Counselling“
Chris Griscom (USA), Spiritual Therapist, Wisdom Teacher
Eva Güldenstein (CH), Translator, Medium, Director of the „Basle Psi Centre“
Matthias Güldenstein (CH), Teacher, Medium, Parapsychologist, Vice-President of the Basle Psi-Days, Founder of the „Psi Association Basle“
Navanita Harris (USA), Spiritual Music and Dance Therapist
George Paul Huber (CH), Director of the „Livitra“-Healing Centre
Jasmuheen (Australien), Spiritual Teacher
Claudia Kirsch (D), Medium and Healer
Prof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov (RUS), Professor of Physics at the Technical University of St. Petersburg, developed GDV-technique, a method to monitor the effects of spiritual healing
Horst Krohne (D), Healer, Director of the „School of Spiritual Healing“
Clemens Kuby (D), Film Producer, amongst others a documentation of schamanic healing methods all over the world
William Nonog (Philippines), Healer
Victor Philippi (Kasachstan/D), Healer, Founder and President of the „European Society for Bioenergetics - Extrasens“
Dr. Alexander Rasin (RUS), phycisist, healer
Prof. Dr. Kaspar Rhyner (CH), Head Physician at the Cantonal Hospital in Glarus (Kantonsspital Glarus), has had a healer working at the hospital for years
Otto Richter (USA/DE), „Human Holographics“, Neo-Schamane, spiritueller Lehrer
Bjoern Axel Rudin (S), Healer
Dr. med. vet. Donatus Rüetschi (CH), Practitioner, Medium, Healer
Cliff Sanderson (New Zealand), has been working with radioactively contaminated Chernobyl victims for many years
Beat Schaub, M.D. (CH), Physician, Director of „Coaching for Health“, a project to study the success of alternative healing methods
Graziella Schmidt (Slowenia/D), Healer, engaged in research projects with mentally ill patients and involuntary childless women
Dr. Verena Schmuckermeier (D), Physician and Healer
Prof. Alex Schneider (CH), Certificated Engineer, Physicist, Parapsychologist
Dr. Horst Schöll, M.D. (D), Radiologist and Spiritual Healer
Pamela Sommer-Dickson (CH), Spiritual Psychotherapist
Rolf Thomas Steiner (CH), Healer, lightworker (following the teachings of Barbara Ann Brennan), Director of the „Snowlion Center“
Malcolm Southwood (GB), Spiritual Healer
PD Hendrik Treugut, M.D. (D), Head Physician at the Clinic Schwäbisch Gmünd, Chairman of the „German Society for Energetic and Information Medicine“
Dr. Harald Walach (D), Institute for Environmental Medicine and Hospital Hygieny of the Freiburg/Br. University, Director of the European study on distant healing EUHEALS
Lucius Werthmüller (CH), President of the Basle Psi Associtation
Harald Wessbecher (D), Sensitive, Healer
Dr. Harald Wiesendanger (D), Philosopher and Psychologist
Prof. Dr. Roeland van Wijk (NL), Molecular Biologist at the Utrecht University; biophotone research with Spiritual Healers

Numerous other healers, physicians and scientists will be participating as well as many patients who were helped significantly by spiritual healing.
A team of doctors has been set up especially for Congress. They will observe and document the healing demonstrations

„Intensive Psi“
On Monday, 1st December, the Basel Psi Days present a series of half-day and full-day seminars and workshops with the Congress’ leading speakers. These events have to be booked separately (see the enclosed application form). Scheduled speakers are: Jakob Bösch / Graziella Schmidt, Enza Maria Ciccolo, Chris Griscom, Jasmuheen, Horst Krone, Pamela Sommer-Dickson, Harald Wessbecher

“Special Psi”
A special public event takes place on Friday evening, 28th November: The presentation and discussion of the highly praised documentary film on shamanic healing methods „On the way to the next dimension“ by its producer Clemens Kuby.

Thursday, 27th November – Healing live
The evening before the beginning of the World Congress a public event at the Basel Convention Centre presents healing live. More than 100 healers offer free healing sessions to the public. In addition there will be demonstrations, discussion groups and a final healing meditation. Free entrance.

For more information please contact:

Congress office „Basle Psi-Days“
For Switzerland (headquarters):
Rixheimerstr. 3, CH-4055 Basel
Tel. +41 - (0) 61 - 383 97 22, Fax 383 97 21

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